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Maximize your operational efficiency and deliver superior guest experiences. Get a communication solution designed just for your hospitality business.

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Designed specifically for the industry, Hospitality Cloud Voice includes the latest communication technology and tools you'll need to maximize operational efficiency and deliver a superior experience.

With 356平台’s unique OPEX hospitality solutions, determine the approach that is right for you, with little to no CAPEX. Choose between an all cloud solution to benefit from its scalability and advanced features, or a hybrid solution to enhance your existing infrastructure by leveraging the power of apps in the cloud while cutting costs.

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Key Benefits

Touchless Technology

Enhance guest and staff safety while maintaining your level of customer experience. Integrate with your Property Management System and applications to ensure your guests always remain connected.
Enhance Guest Experience
Leverage the latest technology and integrations to deliver a superior experience for guests, using artificial intelligence to answer commonly asked questions and requests, or automatically route calls to different staff members regardless of where they are located.
Increase Productivity
Offload communication admin activities and reduce work redundancies by shifting to a full or partial cloud implementation.
Scalable Management
Seamlessly manage multiple properties and choose the communication option that works best for each. Twin extensions to external numbers or mobile phones to enable remote working capabilities for your staff.
Integrate Existing Resources
Easily integrate existing analog devices with cloud apps and maintain previous investments of on-premise equipment
Simple Installation and Management
Save time & effort on installation and integration by using our dedicated on-site 356平台 teams.
Lower Your Costs
Reduce and optimize the monthly costs associated with typical PBX phone systems by moving to an OPEX cloud financial model. Upgrade to the latest telecom hospitality solutions with little to no CAPEX, and do more with less.
Protect your guests’ personal information with state of the art cloud security built in.
Single Provider
Optimize your third-party vendor management by consolidating your communications services with 356平台.

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Why Choose 356平台?

356平台’s Hospitality Cloud Voice is powered by hospitality industry leader and 356平台 partner, Mitel. As a trusted leader in the Hospitality space, 356平台 has deployed communication solutions across thousands of hotel properties across North America. Our UC experts are highly trained and have extensive experience in the hospitality industry, and we have the expertise to help you choose the right solution for your property.

Our hospitality solutions are approved by all major flags and can integrate to your property management system while staying within your budget. Experience no upfront capital outlay and low monthly payments that do not change for as long as 10 years.

Your hospitality business deserves a communication solution that can keep up with you and your guests. Let us help.

From Premise to Cloud: Where is your hotel on your technology journey?

Across the hospitality industry, more and more businesses are moving to cloud solutions. Before you transition, take a few minutes to evaluate where you are on your technology journey.

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Six advantages Cloud Communications Bring to Hospitality
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Key Features


Touchless Technology

Limit physical touches for your guests and provide a personalized experience by integrating keyless entry, mobile devices with apps like chat and telephone system integration.

Simplified Management Portal

Advanced Applications

Guests can use their mobile device to chat with staff, act as their room phone, check out and access property services.

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On-site Equipment

Leverage your investment in analog devices with an on-premise PBX while applications and management are in the cloud, all for one low monthly fee.


Room Phones

Choose from a wide selection of analog or IP phones to fit your property. WIth an IP phone, allow your guests to optionally connect to their room through mobile app twinning.

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